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The Dark and Sad History of LECOM Medical School

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Did you know that 1/3 of the first class at LECOM College of Medicine transferred out before graduating?
Did you know that LECOM terminated some of its first professors for speaking truthfully to the American Osteopathic Association during accreditation visits? Did you know that the school used the thug security guards to prevent the professors from returning to work, without ever notifying them of being suspended and/or terminated?
Did you know that LECOM suppressed the results of the AOA’s accreditation report? They refused to allow students or the local media access, stating “It’s none of
your business” and “I’m not
interested in people having that information”.
Did you know that the AOA investigated LECOM and had its students complete a survey to which the school failed across the board in all matters relating to the administration? Did you know that the same complaints raised by that first class are the same issues that litter this website and that are ongoing today?
Did you know that the school nearly lost $300,000 in grant money for having so many complaints to the Department of Education and complaints by citizens in the community?
Did you know that LECOM lost its valedictorian and its top ranking class members in that huge first class transfer? Did you know that LECOM blamed the students, calling them troublemakers and stating they transferred because”They (some
students) don’t like the toughness of it. Probably they didn’t
have enough party time. It’s tough to be a doctor”


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Follow The Money: Part 3 LECOM Bribes Erie Government

What does half a million dollars look like?

A little something like this…

lecom erie bribery

Without this helpful graphic, you could of course ask the Ferrettis, they make over $500,000 per year. Now thanks to a recent move by LECOM, you could also ask the Erie County government as well. LECOM recently bribed the government to the tune of $500,000 then bragged about it in a newsletter to its students. Don’t believe us?Look below…



For the “TLDR” crowd, we will summarize here:

LECOM was about to lose its “tax exempt” status in Erie County. LECOM, being a purely for-profit school that spends only 50% of its income on the education costs of its students, definitely should have had its tax exempt status revoked years ago. The Erie government saw this cash cow gorging itself on student loan fueled tuition and decided it wanted a piece of the pie.

LECOM, having a collection of shrewd snakes at its helm, decided to take action. They met with some higherups in the Erie government and palms were greased, reacharounds were performed, and a deal was made. LECOM would hand over a half million dollars of hard working student tuition in exchange for keeping its tax exempt status. The money will go towards building a library and buying ambulances. The only catch: name the library after the Ferrettis. Everyone is happy. Everyone but the students. So, a shitty article was written (see above) in the LECOM CONNECTION explaining the act as a wonderful “magnanimous”  and charitable action that is supporting the community.

Let’s cut the crap

This does nothing for the students of LECOM. It only serves to bolster the egos of the Ferrettis with new libraries bearing their repulsive name. It only keeps director salaries high while taking money straight from the students. LECOM gives nothing to the community that it doesn’t take from its students. The “not for ourselves, but for others” drivel that is spewed in the article surely doesn’t apply to the Ferrettis who get a library named after themselves, articles written in newspapers praising them, while retaining their obnoxiously high salaries.

I guess they were thinking, sure, why not give away the students’ money? Everyone knows they can’t protest without being severely disciplined or even expelled. Why not turn LECOM into your own personal playground where you can throw around hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money while personally receiving the praise?

John Ferretti, we don’t buy your brand of bullshit.  We don’t care about how LECOM is a “good corporate citizen” for “donating hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Your responsibilities lie in providing a service to your customers, the students. No student ever got to vote on having their money pissed away on your personal ego fulfilling library pet project. If LECOM has so much money that it is hemorrhaging tens or hundreds of thousands at a time in donations, it’s time to cut tuition and put it back in the pockets of students. Or maybe it’s time to reinvest in the education of LECOM. Make LECOM #1 in COMLEX scores instead of #1 in class size (you know, quality instead of quantity).

Just a few ideas.

Thanks to forum user moderator Krusty for contributing to this article.

Follow the Money: Part 2

Average Pharmacist Salary: $106,630 / year
Average General Dentist Salary:$156,850
Average Family Physician Salary: $168,550
Average Ferretti Salary: $454,576


It must be nice to double your salary during a time of hardship and economic recession in the United States. As tuition continues to grow at LECOM, the salaries of the big wigs gets higher and higher. Aside from mindlessly growing the school and extending LECOM tentacles across the United States, what has been done to improve the school? Anything? If you think the Ferrettis and the rest of the snake brood have done anything to improve the LECOM schooling experience FOR STUDENTS, we want to hear about it. Drop a line in the forums.

Thanks to user, Hershey Kisses, in the forums for letting us use the great image.

Follow the money: Part 1

LECOM is pretty cheap right? Most prospective students ignore the warnings about the faculty, administration, and oppressive rules, all for the sake of going to a school with low cost tuition. It’s true, LECOM is inexpensive compared to a lot of schools, ask any student why and they can tell you it’s probably due to a number of reasons:

  1. Students teach themselves in PBL
  2. Students who require professors have low cost H1B professors or non-experienced professors
  3. Students have spartan facilities that lack equipment for labs and classrooms
  4. Professors are forced to take on extra responsibilities and duties that would normally go to administrators
  5. Corners are cut anywhere prospective students and visitors won’t notice
  6. Bodies for gross lab are stolen from cemeteries (just kidding about that one!…I think)


So thanks to LECOM’s penny pinching ways, you get to save a boatload of money on tuition. That’s a good thing until you realize that of the twenty to thirty thousand dollars of tuition money you spend per year: only half of that is actually going towards actual expenses. For a “nonprofit”, that is pretty troubling. {see: https://www.guidestar.org/organizations/25-1698677/lake-erie-college-osteopathic-medicine.aspx for recent financial information.}

Your already cheap medical or pharmacy education has just gotten a lot cheaper. Turns out, it doesn’t cost much to run a school with inexperienced professors and classes that teach themselves in little PBL jail cells. So where is that money going!?.


Look no further than the dental school and heck, all of Bradenton. LECOM is a virus with one goal: reproduction. The fact that it parasitically drains the lives and money of its students is just an unfortunate side effect of its endless expansion and growth. If you want to go to a medical or pharmacy school, why not go to one where more than half of your hard earned tuition money is going to your education and not towards relentless land acquisition and mindless expansion?


Is the education as bad as the commercials?

If you have seen any of the recent LECOM commercials and you have any type of medical or scientific background, you were likely tinged with a combination of the following emotions: disgust, dread, and disbelief.  Thanks to pong69 in our forums for posting the link  and transcript to the following Youtube video.


Apparently we weren’t the first to notice how batshit crazy and inaccurate these videos are. Someone took the time to make the following infographics:

LECOM incorrect defibrillator

LECOM incorrect chest compressions If the blatantly wrong fundamental medical skills don’t bother you, maybe the pseudoscientific spiritual hocus pocus message of the commercial will. Here’s the full transcript if you didn’t watch it:

“People have their own ideas about miracles. Some will tell you miracles are irrefutable signs of divinity. Others will say they are nothing more than myth. But one thing cannot be denied: when mind, body, and spirit work together, truly together, the impossible becomes suddenly possible. This is what we teach at LECOM. This is a calling we can help you fulfill.

“LECOM…can you hear the calling?”

I’m not sure what any of that means. What is this spirit they are referring to? What does it mean for mind, body, and spirit to “[work] truly together”? I’m not so sure I hear a calling from this commercial.

What I do hear is a bunch of BS marketing that should appeal more to a 3rd grade reader of Harry Potter than a premed student that has been steeped in the scientific method  and rational thinking for 4 or more years. Mind, body, and spirit sounds more like what is required to summon Captain Planet than to run a medical school. (anyone remember that show? at least it purposely had a target audience of preschool children…)

This school has been a major embarrassment to me for quite some time, this commercial has done nothing to alleviate my embarrassment. From completely incorrect resuscitation to just flat out ridiculous assertions over LECOM harnessing the power of “mind, body, and spirit”.


Anyway, if there is one positive aspect of all of this, it’s that the internet was merciless in its rating of the video. Out of 1600 views, 443 downvoted it with only 5 giving it a thumbs up. It’s no wonder they disabled comments.


PS – Don’t try deleting this video like you deleted your facebook comment, LECOM. We’ve already saved copies :-)